B: But I can't believe and I can't accept that you won't be here next year... without you there won't be anything here
Z: ohh I'm really not such an important member... I just have a big mouth maybe
Z: and in a year it's you who's leaving...
B: we'll switch
B: YOU'RE NOT WHAT? You're the essence
B: At least for me
Z: listen...
Z: we will always meet in Kommandó :)
Z: and perhaps at the seaside, too (if you'll come)
B: who am I going to dance with without you?
Z: with one of the boys
B: And I won't feel like continuing with all this…
Z: of course you will
Z: please, for me...
Z: keep the group running until I come back...
Z: if you can
B: Well I must, because when I leave, you'll have to keep it all running...
B: :D
Z: ohh we're so cute
B: very.. :(
B: when will you tell the others?
Z: I don't know... when it will be 100% sure

(Z: can I put this conversation on the blog?
B: Are you crazy?
B: Why?
Z: just like that. it feels good :D
B: go ahead...
Z: wow.
Z: thanks :D )

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