Daft Punk - Aerodynamic

The funniest thing about my dreams - except the general weirdness - is that they always take place in some mixed city. I'm never sure where I am, sometimes I'm in Bucharest, then I just walk into Kaszon and few minutes later I'm in Szentgyorgy (Sfantu Gheorghe). I find this very entertaining. The whole world - eh, just 3 little pieces of it - in my head! :D

I love dreaming, even if sometimes it's not that relaxing. It's just that I saw a documentary about dreams on Discovery one of these days. And it obviously said many-many interesting things. It reminded me of some funny and annoying thing that happens to me every time I go to bed tired. Before being able to go to sleep I have a short "mirage" sort of mini-dream and I imagine that I'm walking and that I trip. I always curl up in the bed, as if I'm falling down and I wake up for a second. Then I calm down and start to sleep. Oh, it's a very annoying little thing that happens pretty often.
I fall asleep with a fall =)) "It's not a pretty picture..."


  1. hmmm...I guess we all fall...it`s the gettin` up part that matters...both in this so called reality and in your dreams...
    In wich do u feel more...REAL?

  2. thanks for the comment. :)
    everything seems real as long as you believe it.
    I only realize that I had been dreaming when I wake up.
    so I feel real. because I have a conscience. it's clear that it's me who's doing all that stuff. it's not like a movie or something. so it's real, even if it's only in my head :)) but it's an interesting place to explore. sad that you can't really share it with anyone else...
    I can also fly sometimes in my dreams. it's just like swimming in the air :D


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