train of thoughts that followed a course of economics - part II

An other thing I've been trying to figure out is why people are so obsessed with economic growth. The reason why I want to understand this aspect of our society is that I really want to prove that it's plain group suicide...
Why do people fight and work so hard to achieve economic growth? It is said that it brings an increase in the quality of life. But let's not forget that there is a limit to everything.
Firstly what does quality of life mean? Is it working 12 hours a day, without a moment for yourself, your family and friends, working to fill your house with cool furniture (that you barely get to enjoy) and your wardrobe with the newest clothes? You'd think that all this economic growth would give us more free time, yet it doesn't, we always need to work more to buy more.
Secondly just think about where we are growing... A person can't even grasp how immensely we have extended and occupied Earth in the last century. Hundreds of people have been desperately working on demonstrating that our planet can't sustain all of us if our population keeps increasing at this pace. It is said that great ancient civilisations (like the mayans) disappeared because of famine. Why do we fool ourselves that the same thing can't happen to us as well? It seems to me we aren't very intelligent, considering that we are still unable to learn from past mistakes.
I had been wondering about this urge to have economic growth for years. And I still can't understand what for?! Why do people fight for it? Economic growth (in my opinion) means more people on Earth, all of them working harder and harder. Is it actually worth it?
We need to reestablish what we really value and change the way we think as a society - because we can't just say "I don't understand what'up with all the fuzz, but what can I do? Everybody else wants this...". Because people don't want this, but they can't see it or admit it. This is not quality of life - in so many ways.
Question: What is quality of life for you?
(and think of what you would be willing to sacrifice for it?)


  1. Hey, I just wrote a huge list of things I was willing to sacrific (most of Western 'civilization' to be fair!), clicked send and it disapeared! :(

    Quality of life: good friends, good food, beautiful surroundings, peace, freedom to explore and develop

  2. sorry about that, must've been interesting... Thanks for the comment! :)