and then

made some hot tea and when I got back I thought it would feel good to write this down somehow like this...

this evening I had a bit a feeling like I had a fever, so I decided to go to bed early. actually yesterday I felt somewhat similar, I slept from 9 to 10, but I woke up, got dressed and we went to a party :) and the fever feeling disappeared, I had a great time, this time we even danced, finally! and I danced salsa with an Indian boy! hahaha... I really like it if somebody spins me around :) and today I was feeling like having a fever again, like some chills and hot on the inside, so I went to bed at 10. I didn't sleep that well, if I did at all. oh! I only know I slept a bit because I dreamt Roxi knocked on my door and I told her I was a bit ill and I'd love some hot tea... and I hoped she would feel sorry for me, and she really brought me tea in my dream and I also had biscuits on my table. so at midnight I looked at the time and I thought it's weird that I'm not sleeping... because I usually sleep like a baby. well it's true that yesterday I went to sleep at 6 in the morning, because we changed to daylight saving time and got home from the party at half to 6 – that was interesting, too, all 6 of us went straight to the kitchen in the morning to drink something and all :) of course afterwards I woke up at one o'clock. so it's understandable that I didn't really feel like sleeping. but it usually doesn't bother me if I wake up at one I can go to sleep at 10. anyway, after midnight I tried to sleep again, don't know how that went, but at 2 o'clock I looked at the time again and I decided it's not working. because I was also singing in my head, amongst others the new traditional song to which Bori sent me the lyrics few hours earlier. I got out of bed a bit, opened the window, thinking some fresh air might do me some good and I looked up at the stars. I like the stars a lot, so I smiled at them.

and then the sky winked at me – I saw a shooting star :)

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