I feel BOTH

that this is just one possibility AND that it's the only one

weak AND strong

that I want to give up AND that I want to fight

repulsed AND attracted

that we're all strangers AND that we can connect in amazing ways

uncertain AND confident

nothing is absolutely white or black

all is but a mixture of colours

a mixture of feelings and thoughts

some of them grow stronger while others fade

we can say it's our choice AND that it was meant to be



  1. A very good post, very enlightening.

    A have a few of my own to add from my experience if you don't mind:

    So much heaven AND so much hell,
    So much good AND so much bad,
    That these exist absolutely AND just in part


    To listen to the intellect AND follow the heart

    So what is to be done? Sit with the paradox, allow it to be, then see what happens?

    I will have to reread this post in the future

  2. Thank you :)

    yes, I believe it's good to do what feels right, let everything develop freely

    it's a great feeling to accept that such things coexist and that it's ok if they do :)

    knowing, for example, that whatever will happen in our lives is our choice AND it is meant to be


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