encouraging thoughts

it's amazing to manage on your own (but I'm never alone)
and to find out what it's really like in other places
to love it even more at home
to truly cherish what is good (here as well as there)

you shouldn't be afraid
'cause if something is difficult or weird
you'll sort it out
anyway our fears don't come true all the time

it only depends on you
you might change while you're away
it won't seem such a bad thing if you don't want to come back
you'll see the world in a totally different way
you trust that you can live your life anywhere, as long as you find loving people
or you can be a nomad
at the same time
perhaps you'll realize that it's best if you live at home
irrespective of everything
that such good things you can't build anywhere else (family, friends, community)
(though if you really want something, you can do it)
but you can't leave them, you need to live with them
no matter if elsewhere life is better, there are more smiling people
there are difficulties everywhere
and it's better to face them at home, than in strange lands
you truly need the people who are at home
their smile is more dear than anything

you must trust yourself
and do as you want

there is no wrong choice

only we see it that way
if we can't be thankful
for everything we receive in life
-------that it wasn't all but suffering
-------that we recognize what is truly important for us
and we can live on knowing that
we are not lost or without a purpose

depends on the viewpoint
thankful or ungrateful:
joy or sorrow

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