I've got a bunch of thoughts in my head, all at the same time. I love it. It's a bit annoying 'cause in order to express them, write them down, I need to take them one after the other. Can't express them at the same time.

Lately I go to sleep very late. Because I can afford to wake up late, cause if you didn't know, there's a strike at Universities in France. Here in Lorient there's been no movement for 2 weeks. Well there has, a few students have blocked all entrances to the buildings of the Uni, they even sleep there, it's like a real revolution. And they enjoy it. At first I was looking at them curious that they're so persistent, confident, when they want something, they believe in it and they start a revolution, they're not kidding. Like a month ago they started organizing big assemblies and voting about what they wanted to do. And demonstrations and all. It's a bit funny, because I heard that not many people went to those. But there are, as I said, a few students who take part very actively in this stuff. But the majority are having fun, they're like on a holiday, like me. Well I'm allowed to, cause I don't have any serious reason to go on a strike here, it's not my fight. Maybe I could support them, but if I look at it, this whole thing isn't helping me at all. I respect their goals, it doesn't bother me (yet) but in theory I came here to learn, not on holiday. But for now I'm very fine with it. Yet if they don't stop soon... let me just say I can't afford it to stay here in case the semester was prolonged. But I hope it won't be the case. By the way most of the foreign students are a bit laughing about the situation. Because it seems like the French just want to laze around! So you find out that some stereotypes are real, the French go on strikes often. That's the way they are, what can you do. Partly you can learn from it, look up to them, because they don't give up that easily, they're persistent. But after a while it's just funny. Especially if the government doesn't even notice. And anyway, they're exaggerating.

The other thing. Every day I put off the need to go to the supermarket. And even when I go, I buy the cheapest stuff, literally the cheapest bread, the cheapest apples. For example today I really wanted to buy (eat) some chocolate. But I said to myself, I've got enough food to cook tomorrow, I've got apples, I really don't need to go to the supermarket. I'll go on Monday anyway. And so I put off spending money. The fewer times I go to the temple of spending, the less I spend. And even when I'm there, I focus only on the things I need to buy. And I think about it a few times, whether I really need this...? Cause sometimes I get the feeling that I buy stuff that I don't really need. So I manage to go past the sweets shelf quite often, telling myself that I don't need this. Unfortunately when I go down into the kitchen here at home and I need to chew something, I regret very much that I didn't buy a bunch of junk food. Still I buy enough anyway.

I didn't want to write about the strike at all.
Neither about my financial situation.
It has nothing to do with this.
I wanted to write that when I'm up at night, I can hear a bunch of little birds.
They're singing.
And it feels very very good, I smile :)
And I thought, these little ones must be having quite a bit of fun, at least if I like to sing, I guess they do as well.
But I wonder why are they singing...?
And when do these birds sleep?
Hehehe... and there's a wide smile on my face :)


  1. Madárkák a fejben, diákok, sztrájk, forradalom, március 15. Ez a tavasz nem?
    Kösz, hogy megosztod a gondolataidat, olyan jó felismerni egyik-másikban a harminc évvel ezelőtti önmagamat:)

  2. ugy van, tavasz hahaha! orvendek, jol esik megosztani amik jarnak a kutfejembe benne

  3. Neha azert erdemelj meg egy csokolatziont, me` a madarkak is kapnak neha finomat:) Orsi szerint meg "diba", azaz cipzar:)) jo kis elso szavak... :D puszik mitolunk:) B.&CO

  4. koszi, azert megengedek magamnak finomsagokat, sot gyakran. ide csak lejegyeztem 'sirankozasom', de ez csak azert, mert annyira nagyon kinlodom hogy kicsit kevesebb csokit egyek ma no. igazan.
    koszi, hogy elkuldessz egyet az elso szavak kozul :) en is puszillak titeket

  5. Anyad is elolvasa amit irtal es jo tudni,hogy mikre gondolsz es igazan ertekelem, hogy ilyen kiadosan irtal.
    A sztrajknak valodi elonye hogy madarkakat hallgathattal, mert hanem erre Franciaorszagban nem keritettel volna sort

  6. Ez joooo. Az elejen csodalkoztam is, hogy honnan ide a madar.. meg mi lett azzal, hogy keson kelsz? csak egy bevezetes? Aztan meg jott a vegen a lekerekites, es az olyan jol jott ki. Neha en is igy vagyok vele, teljesen mas jon ki, mint amit eredetileg akarok, elkalandozok vagy valami, aztan ott is maradok:P Es neha nem is arrol irok, ami igazan foglalkoztat.. De ez igy olyan jo kis lekerekites volt. :) Madarhangokat en is szejessem.
    A vasarlassal meg en is igy vagyok neha, s altalaban a kenyerrel csinalom ezt, nem a csokival. De legalabb vannak madarak.

  7. koszi anya, igazad van. ha nem lett volna ez a hosszu sztrajk, nem lennek ennyire nyugodt, bekes, hogy meghalljam a madarakat...

    @Oszkár: igen, ugyes, hogy eszrevetted a furcsasagot! en is nagyon elveztem ezt, hogy muszaj volt leirjam a tobbi dolgot ami a fejemben jart, ahhoz hogy elerjek oda, ami igazan tetszik az egeszben... :)

  8. Nice! :)

    I should try that only buying what I need at some time. Actually I do, with pretty much everything apart from what I can eat!

  9. Thanks! Yeah actually today I went out and bought a bunch of tasty food :D

  10. Of, not the sweets... I really try to do what you're doing, but when I pass the chocolate shelf, I just can't help it... That's why there's always a few Toblerone bars on my desk :D

    As for the strike, I think you're lucky. I haven't had a class since the end of January. I don't really complain, but I'm not thrilled about it either. I do have to admit that it feels like a waste of time and I hate wasting my time, but it just seems that I'm not a smart enough person to find something useful to do...

  11. it's not about being smart... well maybe that, too. but mainly lack of motivation and utter lazyness, to be honest... I really hope they won't prolong the semester because I have no scholarship for June, I really want to go home at the end of May... :(

  12. Tell me about it... I already have the ticket. If they can screw with us like that, I guess I can screw them too and just leave, no matter what they'll do


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