This little thing caught my eye and I feel the need to show it to you.

A cancer cell is a normal cell disconnected from its genetic memory, cut off from the wisdom of millions of years of evolutionary development. It doesn't cooperate in harmony with the rest of the body. It experiences itself as separate from the body, overpopulates, and consumes the organism which supports it. Cancer eventually kills itself by consuming its own environment. — Brian Patrick

I found it on The Big Picture.

what I say is... we are like cancer cells. because as long as we don't "cooperate in harmony" with nature, as long as we think of ourselves as "separate" from everything else... well you can see where we are going.

I hope we can connect to the wisdom that we are part of a bigger story, a bigger organism, and allow our environment to heal. Let's heal together...

Be the change you want to see in the world

(Mahatma Gandhi)

feel the depth of those words for a second...
let me explain a bit, the way I understand it:

how would you like the world to be? how would you change it? starting from simple, everyday things: I wish people washed their dishes after using them. I wish people didn't smoke so much. I wish streets were cleaner. I wish people were more smiling and positive. continue. start thinking about things you would change.

and when you think it through, with all your heart, what would be right in the world... be that thing. wash the dishes, don't smoke, keep clean, smile and think positive, and anything else, make it personal. be what you want the world to be, right now. and people will see that and be influenced. or even if they don't seem to notice, you will still have changed something for the better, you will feel content (and strong, and right).

also remember that you are (part of) the world.