This little thing caught my eye and I feel the need to show it to you.

A cancer cell is a normal cell disconnected from its genetic memory, cut off from the wisdom of millions of years of evolutionary development. It doesn't cooperate in harmony with the rest of the body. It experiences itself as separate from the body, overpopulates, and consumes the organism which supports it. Cancer eventually kills itself by consuming its own environment. — Brian Patrick

I found it on The Big Picture.

what I say is... we are like cancer cells. because as long as we don't "cooperate in harmony" with nature, as long as we think of ourselves as "separate" from everything else... well you can see where we are going.

I hope we can connect to the wisdom that we are part of a bigger story, a bigger organism, and allow our environment to heal. Let's heal together...


  1. ajanlom figyelmedbe: http://arsetvita.wordpress.com/2008/12/19/willigis-jager-hullamaiban-a-tenger-az-editio-m-kiado-gondozasaban/

    legujabb olvasmanyom, ugyanigy latja a dolgokat, csodalatosan egyszeruen, logikusan, mindent, mi isteni, emberi.

  2. :)

    So the question is how do we reconnect with nature, hear what it tries to tell us and live in harmony with it (or in truth how do we realise is it part of us, hear what this aspect of ourselves is telling us, and live in harmony with our complete self)?

    "We are the rocks dancing" (John Seed)

  3. yes, that is a very good question!
    I reckon everybody needs to discover the answer on their own maybe?
    but it's nice to share it of course
    ...oh and I do like dancing :P

  4. Yes, true, I am pretty sure if the intention is there to reconnect to nature then a way will be found. But then there may be some things that specifically help, like spending time in nature or meditating on nature.

    For me walking barefoot through a forest helps, or camping outside alone at the top of a valley, seeing the sun set over one hill and rise over another. And growing my own food, or collecting wild foods or herbs to use

    The Deep Ecologists also have some good ideas, some interesting stuff can be found here http://www.rainforestinfo.org.au/deep-eco/welcome.htm Interestingly there is a page of Hungarian writings on deep ecology too!

  5. thank you! for me, it's looking at the sky and the clouds passing by, or thinking about the depths of earth or what can be underneath the water in a lake. :)

  6. Ah yes, even in a city sometimes I glance up and see the sky, and it seems huge, and it reminds me of the vastness of nature, and I feel a part of it :)

  7. pe cand materiale noi? :P astept cu nerabdare...a trecut o vara intreaga....sigur ai noutati...astept, sa te citesc dimineata la o cafea, sa incepi sa scrii mai des ;) bafta multa. sa ne vedem cu bine, pe meleaguri straineze!

  8. mersi... imi pare rau ca n-am prea avut inspiratie sau nu stiu ce sa spun... azi dup-amiaza imi venise o idee, dar... mai vedem. mersi, bafta multa si tie!


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