Donna Summer - I feel love

well hello there. :) days and months pass by, life's good, different every day.

I've got a cold. my brother's the one to blame, and maybe dad and people at work, everyone who used to have a cold and gave it to me. I keep sneezing and my nose is runny. not nice.
I've got an interesting, maybe annoying idea: I'll write a list about things that felt good in the past few days, things I'm thankful for. and I just came up with a name for it, too: thanklist
  • early music practice was very nice today, quite a challenge to play those songs, but when it all comes together after more or less work, it's beautiful
  • I met up with Eszter, I don't see her often enough and there are always things that we can't talk through well enough
  • I printed photos from last year to remember things and put them in an album, it feels really nice seeing past moments
  • I didn't sneeze once and I didn't need to blow my nose for more than an hour and a half while the film lasted (the one we watched with Eszter) - it probably caught all my attention. it was nice realising afterwards that I had a runny-nose-free hour and a half :) my heart is light with happiness.
  • when I got home I spoke with mum and dad, my brother gave me a few hugs, too, they're over with the cold and - dad had been shopping and he bought Tofiffee, Heidi chocolate and After eight and oranges and tasty water! and I made myself some tea, too.
and of course the list can go on, it's very very long. it's not for saying I'm very lucky. but... I'm sharing my little joys and I'm encouraging everyone to enjoy such things and notice the value of these little things :) you can write similar things in comments.


  1. orvendek hogy ma szep ido volt es hogy a tegnap ki voltunk a parkba.
    Olyan de oan szep osz van.

    Mas kis orom: mindenkinek tetszett az ebed amit foztem

  2. Well, since you encourage us :D

    Friday I was so grateful for a day in which I had to say goodbye again to a friend I hadn't seen in 3 months, but said hello to another friend I hadn't seen in 3 months also. It felt like a really balanced moment:)

    Oh, and that day I travelled by plane, bus, tram, metro and car :D I just remember coming back home and felling very happy and for that I am most grateful


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