nem vagyok lírai én

Nincsen apám, se anyám,
se istenem, se hazám,
se bölcsőm, se szemfedőm,
se csókom, se szeretőm.

Nincs színem, se nemzetem
se korom, se méretem,
se helyem, se vallásom,
se jövőm, s biztonságom.

nem vagyok senki.
nem vagyok önmagam.

ami mindig van, volt és lesz,
az velem is, nélkülem is meglesz.

nem vagyok.
csak az élet.


  1. ez tetszik nekem. nem is kicsit :) meg kell ilyen, mert jo!

  2. Well cool :) Ok so the first bit is from that song, did you make the rest up?

    And since when have you been a Zen Buddhist?!

    Your song deals well with the ideas of impermanence, interdependence an of not-self, that there is no independent thing that can be labeled 'self', and that through going beyond the concept of self unity and peace is arrived at. There seems also to be the concept of Taoism that when going beyond these limiting notions life can then flow clearly and strongly without being held up

    Ahh but how easily we are wrapped up in the self!

    "that which is, was and will be,
    with or without me, it shall well be."

    awesome awesome awesome, is it a direct translation, because it works so so well - the rhythm and meaning work well!

  3. Ah yea, and deals with acceptance of what is, of being-ness


    (in my not-so-but-really-should-be-humble opinion!)

  4. thanks :D
    yea the first bit, famous Hungarian poet, rest is mixed up from my thoughts. which were inspired by reading about Zen Buddhism AND by being repeatedly called too young, old, or other things mentioned there sorta :P

    I'm very glad you understood it well (people could think it's depressive or something, but it's actually so eliberating and light)

    how easily we are wrapped up in the self?

    yea it is pretty much a direct translation, some tiny things were a bit alterated, like "I am nobody" and "it shall well be", but it gives quite the same message overall.

    yea I was only humbly imitating a great poet :)

    and embracing the idea of everything just being.

  5. Cool, well it is good!

    And humbly imitating a great poet, fair enough, but I do wonder whether some great poets are just people writing some interesting thoughts down, who then got lucky! People can add their own deep meaning to stuff, and add complex critiques of literary intent to pretty much any piece of writing! Ah but I could easily be wrong because I have never really taken the effort to study poetry, other than at school, but i did feel then that the teacher was putting words into the authors mouths that weren't their own.

    How easily we get wrapped up in self - in trying to go beyond a limited definition of self there are many traps one can fall into, for instance, "yes I am going beyond self, which is good, but look at all these people, they can't go beyond self, so i am better than them, losers!"


  6. tetszik a post, a József Attila-fordítás az saját?

  7. köszi szépen! dehogy saját, a Youtube videó leírásában találtam (link a J.A.), Thomas Kabdebo fordítása.

  8. Jozsef Attila. A kedvenc koltom. Utana rogton te kovethezel. Puszi.:)


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