The first day

begins like any other day. Something moves nearby and it's time to wake up, but you enjoy a bit more the light shining in through your eyelids. It's a nice feeling to float like this, as if in a dream.
After a while, you notice that something changed around you. For the first time since you're here, you feel quite uncomfortable, you try to move, but you can't find your place.
Suddenly something breaks in your world and you feel a great disturbance. You don't understand what's happening. You've had moments of uncertainty before, when you needed to kick with your legs as hard as you could, but now the situation is becoming rather suffocating!
Time passes very slowly and all you want is to get out of here as quick as possible, to feel relaxed again, and safe. There is no other way: you must go through an opening, hoping that the world's better on the other side.
But it's not easy. After a few minutes or maybe hours of suffering, you are finally free. This world is full of unknown now: you feel a cool breeze, much brighter light and you need to scream as hard as you can! And you feel an ache in the spot of your new navel.
You're washed and covered in something rough, then you are put into your mother's arms... You taste the warm milk that calms you in a moment and you hear the heart that raised you beating nearby. You are safe after all.
You finally fall asleep, relaxed.

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