Our cottage is by the Milky Way

In summer, you could count 6-7 shooting starts on the dense sky in a few minutes outside the cottage. After a while either your neck goes numb or you run out of bravery to stand outside in the darkness.
Sunday mornings we would pull the curtains and my favourite show would be on: fluffy clouds would swim across the blue, trees would swing in the breeze. Nowadays I wake up slightly earlier and the sky is red, sometimes it's foggy or snowing.
When I went to the toilet in autumn, I'd watch the leaves chirp from one branch to another. Now I don't occupy myself with interesting things to see, I do my job before I freeze to the toilet seat – oh not really, last time it was totally bearable in -7 degrees.
But the cottage heats up very quickly, we only need to have the fire going for a little while.
Sometimes we see deer, quite close to the cottage (can you spot them in the photo?). We've only seen the tracks of bears, but even that was magical. We saw an owl in the forest once, it felt amazing. Maybe because it's so mysterious – it's rare to see these animals in real life. That's why when I see one, it's as if the forest opens up a bit. We've seen frogs, a couple of adders and mice. In summer lots of lizards sit on rocks in the sun. In winter many types of birds come to the juniper tree or to the bird table.

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