It's not all just music on my mp3-player!

Not long ago I discovered in how many ways you can use the mp3-player. While before I would listen to a lot of music on it – which was really good, don't misunderstand –, now I discovered that you can play novels, talks and comedy on it as well!

Let me share what I've been listening to nowadays.

You can download audiobooks from several websites (mainly works that have passed the 50 year copyright period). Before I wouldn't have thought that I could pay attention and listen to a novel (as opposed to reading one, seeing the words), but it's really nice to hear a story while washing up, walking or resting.
The websites I've discovered are (audiobooks in several languages, read by volunteers), (I think only in French) and the online Hungarian library:
I've listened to several French novels, because I like to hear the language, and I realised I really missed literature when I was learning of French. I read few novels in French, could count them on one hand, and comics (Asterix in original is real good fun), textbooks, newspapers, etc. The last audiobook I listened to was The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, it's here:

The other types of materials I listen to almost weekly are talks, which are recorded over the phone and internet – interviews, different people exploring diverse topics. You can hear very interesting things, from people at the leading edge of human evolution – and it's not just the things they talk about that are amazing, but their openness, and their talent in engaging fully with each other. These are recorded mainly in the United States (therefore in English), I download them from these websites:

The third thing is complete fun – it definitely works the laughing muscles - but it also helps you keep up with things going on in the world. It is “an audio newspaper for a visual world” that appears weekly on the Times website, its name: The Bugle. It's a “podcast”, a recorded show that listeners can download and listen to any time, not on the radio, but on their own mp3-player ,i-pod or computer. Half hour comedy, in English, a bit difficult to understand (for non English natives), sometimes even because of the type of humour, but when you do understand, they present the week's news in a very intelligent way, laughing along, and sometimes they can come up with very silly jokes, puns, it's almost painful. In the last episode they read out our e-mail that we sent them (It was awesome!!). You can download episodes from:
(may contain some strong language)

My poor listening thingy will soon turn three (my mp3-player), which counts as quite ancient. Plus its main button is missing (it needed to be taken out because it got stuck), so I need to turn it on with something pointy. One of the earphones broke as well so I just cut it off (now I listen to it with one ear). I can't bring myself to buy a new one, because it serves me so well poor thing, what would happen to it.

What do you do while washing up, walking or resting?

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