What is success?

Professionally: where I am today, success to me is being able to step up and deliver an excellent service to those who need it, in my case that being interpreting, tutoring or translating.
I am most accomplished when I can facilitate crossing the language gap between my people and... my people (be that any two or more people who speak different languages of the ones I know).
While my work is most rewarding when it is truly appreciated... it is also a sign of it being done well when I fade into the background, because communication is simply flowing, through me, flawlessly.

Financially, I feel prosperous when I have enough resources to pay for rent, bills, food, transport, treats and anything I want to try out. I feel like I'm truly thriving when I can afford giving heart-felt gifts to those I know. Also, I believe that I am being fruitful financially when after all those I have money left over every month to set some aside and give the rest to charity.

As a human being I feel fulfilled when I can open and connect to and share experiences, work, food and joy with others. I truly feel victorious when people can rely upon me and I don't fear relying on them in times of need. I feel worthy when I can imagine being put in the spotlight as an example of dedication and compassion. I believe I am truly human when I practice understanding both towards others and to myself. I am centered and grounded when I become still. I feel triumphant when I can practice my skills of making music, writing and dancing. I am grateful to have time for cooking tasty food and for cycling in shimmering sunny weather. I am most fortunate to have dear, caring friends and family.

What does success mean to you?*

* This entry is an affirmation of what I value, and what at times in my life I experience. These thoughts so soothingly surfaced after lots and lots of reading and listening to audios about human flourishing. I must note that the question was specifically raised at Oprah's new show, which I highly recommend as an entertaining, understandable summary of great teachings.


  1. Örvendek, hogy megosztod velünk gondolataidat, hisz, ha akarnánk sem tudnánk olvasni bennük, mert hát az ablak, a szemed olyan messze van, hogy nem láthatunk mögé. Persze, csak fizikai, földrajzi értelemben, egyébként én itt hordalak a mellényzseb helyén téged is a többi kedves "kicsinyemmel" együtt. És azt kívánom neked, hogy örökké sikeres légy!


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